About us


Creates a team of ambitious and talented interior designers based in Edinburgh. We specialize in designing the interiors of houses and apartments, as well as other areas such as: offices, dining and service premises. Everyday joint effort and passion for space design allow us to create projects that reflect your character. When choosing to work with us, expect:

rozmowa z projektantem wnętrz w biurze

original ideas

zdjęcie zespołu specjalistów z firmy"

timeless inspirations

professional advice

full commitment

This is how our team cooperates with each client. You don’t have to worry that our proposals will differ from your expectations – for us, your satisfaction is the goal to be achieved. We offer you interiors that will delight not only with timelessness, but also with a unique character. We will create a functional space, full of harmony – we will take care of the smallest detail! With us you will find out what interiors expressing you are, where you will be happy to stay and longing to come back …

Our passionate and committed designers will help you create beautiful and functional interiors. Call and ask for details of cooperation!

Contact: +48 22 100 99 99